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I have never tried that kind of medication but I have suffered from acne since I was 18. I NEVER had ANY skin issues before that. My acne STARTED about 6-9 months AFTER I had my daughter. I am 33 now and it has gotten progressively worse as I age. I was just recently diagnosed with endometriosis, whcih feeds off of estrogen, so I decided to get my hormone levels checked, which came back normal. I don't believe that because all of my acne is on my chin and jawline. My primary care dr sounded like a moron, as far as my hormone levels went & which one's I should be checking, so I'm going to find an endocrynologist that will re-test them.

I was on combination birth control pills this past July in order to manage the endometriosis but I could only take it for 9 days because the side effects were just SO BAD!! I have taken 4 different types of combination birth control pills in the last 8 years and I have had REALLY BAD side effects from ALL of them!!!! One of the side effects I had was I woke up the very next day, after taking the 1st pill, with large, rock hard lumps underneath my skin, which are STILL there!!!!

I have been to numberous dermatologists over the years and all they do is pump me full of pills, gels, & creams that either burn my skin so sverely, I ened up looking like a 2nd degree burn victim and the acne comes back when I stop taking the medication. I thought, for sure, once I took the birth control pills that everything would get better, NOT WORSE!!!! :dizzy:

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