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Nothing works!!!
Sep 24, 2011
I've had mild/moderate acne since I was about 17 I think. I'm now 22 and I have tried everything that my GP (doctor) can prescribe for me. I've been using prescriptions since it began (including a few-month-long breaks now and again to see what the difference is between using the various treatment and not using them - basically because the difference the drugs make is so minimal). None of it works. I still have new, fresh spots [B]every single morning without fail[/B].

I have the strictest skin regime of anyone that I know. I wash my face twice a day with 2 different cleansers (one for morning which also exfoliates and one for night which is supposedly an "overnight" wash from Clearasil) I also tend to buy different facewashes each time they run out, in my desperate search to find something that actually works.

I also have incredibly oily skin (my sebum levels must be through the roof!) I find it really disgusting and am always trying to combat it, but to no avail. I've tried facewashes which are supposedly design specifically for oily skin (most of them just leave my skin looking REALLY shiny and within an hour (if that) my pores are back to what I call "leaking"! I use matifying moisturizers every favourite has actually stopped being produced and when I found out I get really anxious because it's the only moisturizer that I've found that does an 'OK' job. I actually went down to my local Superdrug store and bought out all of the stock they had in that moisturizer! Ridiculous or what? I honestly have a cupboard full of them now lol. But I dread the day it runs out...

Anyway, I digress. On top of that I have tried face masks, toners, all the branded spot treatments that you see on tv, you name it. I've tried using nose strips too because I have terrible black heads all over my nose and I cannot get rid of them. I stopped "manually removing" them because it was making my break out in more spots by doing that, so I tried these nose strips and stuff but it really doesn't even remove half of the blackheads I have. So that's just another great issue I have to add in to the equation. I've even tried different kinds of makeups (which is embarassing for a guy to admit) to cover up my spots and try to stop the shine from the excess sebum.

So basically my face is always clean, I never touch my face anymore (I used to when I was younger but I learnt to stop) apart from when I have to, of course, do the daily angry spot-popping every single morning before I can leave the house...because I always wake up with 5/6 new white heads. Don't get me wrong, there are rare occasions that can last up to 2-3 days where my acne won't be that bad or even barely noticeable at a glance. But it's rare.

I've had so many nonsense suggestions thrown at me that I'm actually sick of it now. I've tried going lactose free, no difference. I've tried changing my diet, no difference. I eat well as it is, I rarely eat crap, hardly ever eat junk food, or sweets, or chocolate, or soda, or all the rubbish that normal people eat (and have perfect skin still)! God I don't even eat chocolately cereal like all my friends! I eat the boring healthy stuff (I actually like it though always have). People even used to say "oh it's because you don't get enough sunlight" well guess what, tried that too.

This is going on 5/6 years now and there are no signs of it getting any better. I think it's really tragic and sometimes makes me angry, that in this day and age there is nothing I can do about it?? It really effects my self-esteem and confidence, to the point where I feel like I can't do a lot of things with my friends, like go on holiday! Which I would LOVE to do SO much, but my face + direct sunlight = very greasy and unattractive. So that's a no-no. To be honest it's actually the excessively oily skin that effects me moreso than the acne, because it's just horrible. If ever I touch my face it's almost slimey, and all of a sudden my hand is covered in oil..

It's not so bad for girls because you can take a handbag and go powder your nose in the restroom and nobody will think anything of it. Not so simple for me... so I feel as if I'm limited as to how long I can stay out before having to go home and sort my face out. Or if I have a bag with me, then I'll make sure I have some matt moisturizer to take out before I go and take regular bathroom breaks for it..

I know that probably sounds like I'm over doing the moisturising and that may be the cause lol but no trust me I have tried going without it and it's not good.

My DR booked me an appointment with a dermatologist a few months ago because obviously I've tried everything that he can prescribe. So I went to see the derma about the possibility of trying Roaccutane. Typically, I was having one of my rare "not so bad" days that I mentioned before. He basically said my acne wasn't bad enough to warrant using Roaccutane what with all the side effects and stuff. I said well ok that's understandable, it's not so much the acne that bothers me it's the oily skin, and I personally think that the acne is subsequential to the oily skin (i.e. all the excess sebum which makes my skin greasy is the cause of all the spots) so I asked if there was any medication to combat the sebum problem. No.

He then went on to say that he thinks my spots are related to hair folicles and basically my spots are caused by shaving, and suggested I stop wet shaving. I can't do this because electric shavers aren't suitable for my facial hair, it just doesn't seem to work for me. I have really thick, dark facial hair and using an electric shaver is more painful than anything, and also ends up really patchy. But that's besides the point because as I said to the dermo, I don't shave my nose or forehead so how does that add up? Around my nose is usually where there spots are worse and most frequent.

I was really upset by the whole encounter because I basically left the hospital being told there's nothing they could do for me. And that was kinda my last resort...

Am I doomed to have bad skin for the rest of my life? It's really not fair. Some people don't even wash their face and their skin is fine! It's so frustrating.

So that's my story, sorry it's so long, but it feels good to get it off my chest (a little anyway).

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