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(bad english in advance!)
Didnīt read whole post but check hormone levels in blood if u didnt.
You ever tried green clay(as mask or oral consumption) or cold-compressed extra-virgin coconut oil??
Well,these are those that I use and I have to say topical green clay mask really makes my skin smooth and white heads vanish after night.(use sterilized needle to pierce through white heads cuz finger extrusion will only cause scars.
Oral consumption(specific kind of green clay) simply detoxify your body from inside.Coconut oil is to literally sterilize your face(its very antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc.) and also puts skin oil in balance.Its also highly preferred to use it in diet for its properties to fight off bad gut bacteria and high levels of saturated fats witch increase cholesterol levels witch is responsible for cell repair through whole body.
I would also advise you to stop all diary(for increased levels of animal hormones and antibiotics) unless its raw and organic.
Next are sugars(white/brown) and carbohydrates(cereal grains,soybeans-no bread) witch you must ingest on lower levels.But most importantly avoid grains with gluten,so gluten-free cereal grain like buckwheat can be used for bread).
So diet is somewhat paleolitic style with fruits,vegetables,nuts,eggs and alot of organic meat(especially cooked) and broth.Good diary alternative is oat milk,if ur scared for calcium but u get enough from broth and meat.
You can do medical procedure called Colon Hydrotherapy to get rid of all toxic waste that got trapped in your colon,but i wouldnt prefer it.
For supplements take magnesium and melatonin if ur having problems with sleeping therefore u must maintain healthy sleep cycle,aprox. over 8 hours of sleep(wake up when sun rises and go to sleep in dusk).
Physical exercise is very important,like running/gym.
Anyway these are things I hold onto,except for some things in diet part(im in university) and its going rly nice not only the face but whole body.

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