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Hi there...i think for ANY medical conditions you look up on the internet theres going to be horror stories! i was looking up a problem that my pet hamster had and about 60% of stuff i read on the internet said that it's really serious and to take him to the vet immediately or he'd definitely i did, and the vet all but laughed at me :) my mother had an operation 2 summers ago, and afterwards she was looking up the internet for testimonies etc etc afterwards, and went back for a check up to her doctor, told him all the things she read (some conflicting), and he straight up warned her to stay away from the internet, as you will always hear the right things and the wrong things!!

now, im currently on roaccutane! i had previously been on 2 other types of antibiotics, tetralysyl and mimocin! tetralysyl, which i was on for a month before i had to come off it, gave me AWFUL yeast infections, horrible to even think back. and mimocin (sorry if my spelling is all off) gave me awful gastritis!!! and i was only on mimocin for a week, and i came off it straight away!!! i was in agony all summer, and i dont drink alcohol anymore (even an occasional glass of wine) solely because im afraid ill get as sick as i did when i had gastritis...

so i went back to my dermo as she was trying me on the anitbiotics first before putting me on roaccutane! the antibiotics didnt work and made me sick! so when she said it was time for me to go on roaccutane, i was REALLY scared incase i would get sick again (i know roaccutane isn't an antibiotic, its a drug, but you can understand my reservations :)) My dermo told me that in her 14 years of practice, she only ever had one patient suffer from depression and was fine when she came off the drug! i asked my GP too, as i was quite worried as theres a history of depression in my family, and at that moment i was going through some stressful things in my life, and my GP said to me that actually having the acne is probably worse for me than taking a drug, but if i do start to feel any different to talk to someone straight away! and im on my 6th week of roaccutane, i feel fine (mood wise) and my acne has already started clearing up, which is making me feel even better!

dont trust everything you read on the internet cos generally speaking, people tend to publicly report bad things (about anything) more than good things! my derm also told me that theres a 20% chance that acne can return. i think the more you worry while you're taking the drug, the more you'll maybe imagine you're feeling down or depressed. maybe not, but i find myself thinking "am i really ok?" and then i think ... "yes i am, cos i starting to finally look great". :) good luck with it!!! :)

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