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I've been on Accutane 3 times. My first time was around 18-19 when my acne was completely taking over my face. When I went to the Derm for the first time, he took one look at me and asked me why I waited so long to get help, then immediately put me on Accutane that same day. I can say honestly that Accutane saved me, it gave me confidence, it gave me a chance to live a normal life (only true acne succeeded could understand this). My first treatment was tough, but luckily my symptoms were only extremely dry skin and lips. The effects of Accutane are different for everyone, so no one can tell you what kind of experience you will have. My skin stays clear for 1-2 years after I stop treatment, but then the cystic acne starts coming back slowly and I start a low dose treatment to stop it in it's tracks. I've had friends with horrible cystic acne that have been completely cured with only one treatment. My advice to you is to not be scared or listen to people that have no idea what your going through dealing with acne. Give it a try, find a doctor that will listen to your concerns and the doses start off low and are gradually increased every couple of months. It will all be ok.

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