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totally agree!!! :) people have this fear about the serious side affects of roaccutane! and i did too when i started it, i read up about it, and just heard horror stories. but my derm (and my GP) told me that getting severe depression because of roaccutane is very rare! she told me that in her 14 years of practice she only had one patient who suffered from depression and was ok after they came off the drug. and my GP told me im probably more mentally affected by actually having the acne!!!
my advice to anyone scared about taking roaccutane is to stay away from the internet, dont do your own research cos you'll more than likely just find horrible testimonies! just have confidence in your doctor, take the drug as you're instructed, and trust what they say...they know their stuff! also dont expect it to work miracles in the first few weeks, be patient with it!
im on my 8-9th week now, and my acne is slowly but surely improving and feel the difference in myself already!!! :)
altho the dry lips are a bloody nuisance! :D Glad to hear everythings going good so far with you Rodway... and i totally agree...over the counter stuff is pointless!!! :)

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