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For the last three months I've been suffering from acne, I'm 22 and although i have had spot outbreaks before, they usually clear up within a few weeks but not this time. There mostly on my jawline, chin and cheek. I've been using Skinoren (as Benzoyl Peroxide burnt my skin) taking Zinc and all the other usual skin care routines. I decided to go to my GP and he prescribed me oral antibiotic Erythromycin, and it did help a bit but hasnt cleared it. This was two weeks ago, yesterday i went for my follow up appointment and he simply said keep taking erthromycin and I'm referring you to a dermatologist. I thought this was a little hasty and had hoped he would try something else, he didnt even prescribe me a cream.
Does anyone know how long it takes to see a dermatologist, (in Ireland), and what to expect?
Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks.
Interesting situation. I wouldn't listen to my GP when it comes to my face as that's not his specialty.

Definitely suggest getting to a derma or trying some of the medications suggested on the boards.

Wishing you luck!

hi, im living in the south of Ireland, and i got an appointment about a month after getting my referral from my GP!! hope this helps :)
Thanks, that does help, I live in Northern Ireland, but hopefully the waiting time will be similar. I was just afraid it could be like 6 months, and thats why I was hoping he would have tried something else rather than just pass me off straight away to a dermatologist. Thanks :-)
no, it should definitely not be 6 months, north or south :) it is pretty pricy in the south tho! every appointment ive had with my derm has cost me 100 euro, maybe cos the North is part of the UK it might be cheaper, as I think the UK have free GP visits, we dont! it sucks!!!! but i went to my gp about my acne, only so i could get a referral (another 50 euro), and he gave me antibiotics to take until i got my app. so i wouldnt worry about it being hasty:) but whatever the cost, its so worth it :)
yea your right, definitely worth it! yea my referral and gp appointments are free up in the north thank goodness :-) i suppose i should be glad im getting referred because i've heard how long people have been asking their doctors to refer them and it can be a lengthy process. Fingers crossed its a success. :-)

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