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Re: Accutane
Jan 22, 2012
I was 16 when my doctors told my mom and I that the last thing we could try was Accutane. I had been on literally every other acne medication but they would always stop working after a couple of months. My mom was really hesitant, seeing as I'd had a lot of trouble with depression in the past and was already in therapy twice a week. I felt that it would raise my self-confidence and help my insecurities.

I am so grateful that my mom decided to let it happen. The only side effect I had was dry lips. The rest of my skin stayed pretty much the same (I had normal skin type on my body) besides my face which got less oily. It took me longer to complete the 6 month therapy because I got extremely sick for a month and I was on so many cold medications and antibiotics that they thought it would be easier to just stop the Accutane for the duration of my illness.

The only bad experience with Accutane was when I was flying to London and I forgot my aquaphor. Being in a dry environment for 11 hours with no moisture relief? It was like my mouth was in death valley, baking in the extreme heat. I was awake the entire flight because it was so uncomfortable (I don't sleep well on planes in the first place) and I had a red ring around my mouth almost my entire vacation.

I had no problems with my depression getting worse and I didn't have mood swings, but like others have said everyone is different.

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