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You sound eerily like me, well at least your medical history. I first had the beginnings of Acne at age nine (see my other post) way before I had even had my first menstrual period or even went through puberty so it seemed almost too cruel at the the time, and weird you mention the story about you getting light therapy as a present from your parents for your birthday, because back when I turned seventeen most of my birthday and Christmas money ( I was born on Christmas eve) was spent on paying for Accutane and Stieva-A acid gel cream - I still remember that day and how miserable I felt, it was such a sh*t time. I also just turned 22 too (weird lol).

You're not going to believe this but for the longest time I couldn't swallow pills either due to a blocked salivary gland ( I developed this when I was 15, turned out to be a stone) and every time I tried to swallow a pill it would get stuck in my throat and I would freak out, so I would either have to crush them up in my mouth and tolerate the terrible taste or skip out on them ( those big horse pills were just impossible). I was also diagnosed with Migraine with Aura in the Summer time (onset) and had to discontinue birth control because it was putting me at risk for having a stroke and it was already affecting my visual coordination (which was absolutely terrifying, my vision just started going blurry and I lost my balance a couple of times) so a Neurologist told me to go off the drug immediately. I don't have a PCOS diagnosis but I believe I have some form of it that is going undetected, nothing shows up abnormal in my blood tests or ultrasounds and my periods are normal but I do have the physical symptoms of high Androgens - mild Hirsutism, Acne and I have to fight like hell to keep at a thin to normal weight, I had nearly every single endocrinologist stumped, still looking for answers, but was prescribed Spironolactone anyway just to block any Androgen receptors.

I'm sorry you have to go through this, I feel the same way - like I'm doing something wrong or missing out on something that I'm supposed to be doing but it's simply not true, we're doing everything right it's just that the body doesn't want to cooperate. It still makes me furious when people criticize my skin on the days when I choose to go without makeup and tell me I should see a ''dermatologist'' - Ahh! that gets me so mad, I literally turn beat red, I always tell them I've been seeing one since I was twelve but they continue to go one about Proactive and say stuff like ''Have you tried Proactive yet, it really helped my fourteen year old step-son, if it didn't work for you then you didn't use it right'' - they're so ignorant.

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