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I am writing for my 18 year old daughter. My heart is breaking. Both her and her 1 year younger brother dealt with bad acne and both went through the first course of accutane at the same time. The accutane worked for him and he has had not problems in 3 years. When my daughter finished the first course, we knew that a second would be needed but he gave her a 6 month rest. After the second course, there were some mild acne, but not enough to warrant another round and it was dealt with through other means. Her senior pic was taken last July and her face was totally clear. But by the end of Aug, she was starting to break out again and they decided to check her hormones and it came back that she has borderline high tetosterone. After finally getting into seeing a GYN that the derm sent us to, she put my daughter on YAZ. SHe is now mid way through the second cycle, she is a basket case and the acne is worse than ever. Prom and graduation are coming up in May. SHe just keeps telling me its got to get worse before getting better. Yesterday she was crying in my arms that the yaz was driving her crazy but she doesn't want to "start over". I don't know what to do or even what doctor to call. After she left for school today, I called the GYN and am waiting for a call back. I know my daughter will be upset with me, but she was so worked up yesterday and this is basically a daily occurance. Her nerves can't keep dealing with this (not to mention mine).

what can be done when accutane has failed twice?

Thanks for listening.

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