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It could be infected. Have you tried a warm compress? Before accutane came out, the dermatologist would inject cortisone into the cyst. Painful but I just wanted the cyst to disappear. Maybe you should go to the doctor. I sympathize with you.
I woke up this morning with the same 7:30 this morning , called my dermatologist who said to come right over. I ran over at lunch time.....she injected it- and guess what? 4 hours later, its almost completely tomorrow It will be!

I have suffered with cystic acne for years...its horrible and you have my sympathy too...however, there is only one way to deal with it- have a dermatologist, do NOT use anything with benzoil peroxide which will aggravate it and make it worse- and have them injected before they become infected...because once they do, the pores next to it will also get infected and when one clears up the next one will erupt. You cant mess with cysts-- they continue and never stop until you inject them with medication. Only a derm can do so...

Find one fast! youll be suprised how quickly they can make them go away!
I know I'm late replying to this post, but just wanted to share my experience with this same issue. I had a small bump on my forehead, which was small and very hard. It wasn't painful and unnoticeable not unless I showed it to you. One day, I squeezed it (big MISTAKE!!!!) and it got infected some terrible. I tried treating it with peroxide, but this made things worse. A couple of days later I felt dizzy, fatigued, and felt lots of pressure on my forehead. I got nervous and immediately went to the ER and was given 2 antibiotics-cephalexin 1,000mg per day and sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 twice per day. Three days later, I still was not feeling well so I made and appointment to see the dermatologist. He told me to use warm compresses
4 times a day and injected 7cc of steroid medication right into the cyst....OUCH!! He also said that I may have to have the cyst removed, but will probably have scarring. I looked at some other health boards and some people use castor oil packs which is suppose to help drain the pus from the cyst and help with scarring. I haven't tried this method only because I need to consult with my dermatologist first, but a lot of people says it works tremendously.

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