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i am finally off roaccutane (accutane) for a month now. on wednesday i have to get retin-A cream to help with my scars. no new spots since about my 3rd month of taking roaccutane. so delighted its finally over!!! :)

im 26, ive had acne for since i was about 16-17, always refused harsh chemicals to get rid of my acne, preferred trying things naturally, even as far as accupuncture. until over a year ago, it got very bad and i just couldnt take it anymore. after months of trying other antibiotics, my derm finally decided to put me on roaccutane. everything went smoothly.

so i finished them a month ago, and im moving on to Retin A cream for the next 6 months.

the thing is, ive never really had a "proper" skin care routine. it was just wash my face at night, put on moisturiser. about 4 years ago i tried using all sorts of Clinique toner, make up remover etc etc, but it nearly burnt my face off, so i just kept things simple since.
i dont really know what to do now you see. i want to take care of my new skin and keep it healthy and with a glow.

i have to put on the retin A cream at night, so does anyone have any tips on what to do with my skin before putting on the cream?? my skin is pretty sensitive. so i dont know about toners and things.

what is essential for skin of a woman my age ? i know i should probably know this already, i am 26, nearly 27!!! but since my teens, my mother and i tried things to prevent or clear acne, and yunno, we never talked about what someone with normal skin does. it just didnt come up!

so ANY help or advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
I asked my derm if there is anything in particular i should use, or shouldn't use, but she said that i can put any product on my skin. she was a bit vague. but to be honest, i know my skin and i dont want to try anything too harsh! maybe my skin is stronger after taking the roaccutane, but i dont want to take any chances! :-/

im not looking for brands, just types of products and cleansing routines really! im in ireland, and some of the brands anyone uses on this board, i may not be able to get here! :(
thanks in advance :)

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