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I have THE worst cystic and modular acne ever. It is SO painful, my face is a complete war zone. I haven't left the house in over 2 months now. Deep, deep under my skin, there are huge hard lumps, about an inch or more wide, and on the surface, I m covered in massive red spots which are about a centimetre wide and are so many, they are almost joined together. It is worse on my chin and jaw line than anywhere else. My problem is, I am pregnant and when I went to see a dermatologist, he said he could do nothing other than erythromycin until after the baby is born. Erythromycin does nothing for me as I have been on it for long, long periods before and have been taking now for two months to no avail. I m also trying to wean off prednisolone steroids which were prescribed for my rheumatoid arthritis and this is making me feel very ill and making my skin even worse ( if that were possible) I have type 1 diabetes too, have had it for 18 years now. I m so fed up. I've had depression lots of times before but nothing has ever made me feel a low as this skin. I know I will be scarred. They are so deep and red and have been there for so long. I am only 20 weeks pregnant, so I have at least another 20 weeks before they will do something different to treat me. How will I possibly not have scars by then? Somebody, please help me. I'm at my wits end.
Aw you poor thing! Well,I can tell you,prednisone steroids actually sort of help acne when you first start them,but then the acne usually comes back with a vengeance.So,it is good you are trying to wean from that,but it may get worse before better.
Along with your hormones,sounds like a recipe for some bad pimples.
On the plus side,you should tell yourself everyday that this is just temporary!
Once your pregnancy is over and your hormones stabilize,things will get much better.

You can then ask to be put on Spironolactone,and that will really calm your hormones and keep them from creating havoc on your skin!

I'm glad your doc at least put you on the erythro though.In my experience,it is a rather mild antibiotic,but it is better then nothing.

I have a few tips...
1) Get yourself started on a good facial regimen:
Benzyol peroxide face wash twice a day (at least 10% none of this wimpy proactiv stuff),
and follow that with a soothing salicylic acid lotion that is at least 2%.
These things both have different ingredients,so they will attack your acne in different ways.Then adding on your oral antibiotic,you will be fighting acne 3 different ways.

Invest in a Zeno.You could try out the cheaper one called a hot spot (I think?) for about 30 dollars instead of the expensive one if you are worried it won't work.
The Zeno works nice on those big,under the skin ones.It helps take the pain away,and can sometimes just make them disappear altogether without coming to the surface.

Good luck,I know you must feel terrible.Being pregnant is no real fun in the first place and acne just makes it unbearable.This shall soon pass! Hang in there:)

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