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hi, everyone. i'm a 31 y/o female, and i just started claravis (isotretinoin, generic accutane) yesterday. i actually took a round of accutane (before it was generic) when i was 15 with very good results. i had beautiful skin up until a few years ago when my acne came back, pretty much with the same severity as i had in puberty before i took dermatologist told me that the earlier in life you take accutane, the greater the chances are that you will need a second round later in life. i always have lots of acne on my back, shoulders, chest, stomach, neck, and particularly around my jawline and hairline. i tend to get painful nodules on my chin and forehead, too. after trying several different rx washes, cleansing pads, and oral antibiotics with pretty much no results, i decided to go through the hassle of taking accutane again. i do understand the need for all the strict regulations for females taking accutane, but it is a bit annoying to be 31 and endure a lecture from the doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and ipledge website about how i absolutely cannot get pregnant while taking this medicine. i am childless by choice, and i've made it this far in life without ever getting pregnant because i always take responsible precautions, so i'm pretty sure i can protect myself for 4-5 months on the medicine without a million lectures. :) but when i look beyond the hassle of the lectures, the monthly pregnancy tests, the dry skin and eyes, the cracks i know i'll get in the corners of my mouth, etc, i am hopeful that taking accutane now at this point in my life will mean i won't have to worry about acne ever again!

any other adults out there who are taking or who have taken accutane? just wondering if the experience of taking it as an adult is any different than taking it as a teenager. also curious as to whether taking it as an adult yields permanent results. my only concern now at my age is the risk of the dangerously high cholesterol/triglyercide levels...liver function is not usually a concern for teenagers, but i know it can be a factor as a person gets older. all my liver function tests before i started the accutane were normal, and my dermatologist said that the liver effects are genetically linked, so if i didn't have those side effects when i took it at 15, i shouldn't have it now either.
hi, thanks for posting your reply! after a week on accutane, i am having much more initial breakout on my face and neck, but it seems like as soon as the pimples pop up, they start drying out. in the past week, i've probably had as many pimples pop up on my face as i would have had in an entire month, but i already see a big improvement on my chest and back! those pimples are really drying out quickly! my major dryness seems mostly confined to my face at this point, although i definitely feel more dry all over, and i have to use lotion on my hands as soon as i wash them or my skin will be very dry. carmex and cetaphil soap and face lotion are my good friends now! oh, and moisturizing eye drops! i'm also noticing that if i'm outside in the sun for more than about 10 minutes, my skin feels like it is burning...i live in florida, and i know from my experience with my first round of accutane that i have to be careful about the sun. i made the mistake of going to a waterpark for an entire day while i was on accutane as a teenager, and i don't even have words to describe the pain of that sunburn, even though i slathered myself in sunscreen! just stay inside as much as possible until you're off the stuff, trust me!! :)

i do remember getting to about the half-way point of my first round of accutane, about where you're at now, and constantly feeling like i had the worst possible sunburn + windburn on my face. the peeling lips were terrible, and i remember the raw flaking skin all around my mouth, plus bleeding cracks in the corners of my mouth...i know that's coming for me! i'm willing to tough it out through that stage, though, because i really want to be able to wear a tank top or spaghetti strap dress without feeling horribly embarrassed! i was able to also give up wearing foundation after my first round of accutane because my skin tone was so even and beautiful! that would be nice this time around, too! :)

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