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now have patches of very small red itchy bumps on my cheeks and forehead that resemble tiny pimples, so i don't know if this is part of my initial break-out still or if it is from the dryness. could also be the facial lotion i was using because it very much burned my skin...i will look for the unimaginitive lotion you mentioned ;) or try aveeno since i've used it before with good results. should have bought it to begin with! i'm also having a lot of itching over my arms and tummy, but it seems to be relieved for a while by using lotion, so i'm guessing that's part of the dryness from my sebaceous glands shutting down...i don't think it's an allergic reaction because it seems like that would have happened right away, not two weeks into the medication. had a minor nosebleed yesterday and the day before, so i am obviously starting to dry out! sounds yucky, but i've been coating the inside of my nose with neosporin a couple times a day...a trick i learned on my first round of accutane. it really helps!

i don't know if accutane can make your hair grow faster, but it certainly seems like mine is! i colored my hair about 3 weeks ago, before i started the medication, and i already have very visible roots -- usually that doesn't start to happen until 5-6 weeks after i color my hair! also, i feel like i could shave my legs twice a day and still have stubble a few hours later! don't remember that being the case on my first round of accuntane as a teen, but i didn't color my hair back then or shave very often. :)

i go for my two week labs tomorrow morning, so i should know then whether i'm having any liver side effects, although i doubt that i am...feeling completely normal digestionally speaking!

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