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[QUOTE=Fiche;5010675]I have had some mood swings for sure. I am working hard to combat them with vitamins and exercise.
I have to have bloodwork done once a month every month that I am on it!! Maybe my age has something to do with that. of course things could be different in Canada as well.
I am allergic to Tetracycline unfortunately so it isn't even an option! I am just hoping this works! (and pretty confident that it will) I can't believe I am going to be staying out of the sun all summer though! It will be different :confused:

My chest back and arms are pretty bad actually,some new breakouts but no new breakouts on my face. It's interesting that we are all different:cool:

I wish we had the generic form, it's probably less expensive!

rutgerjen, are you starting soon? let us know how it goes![/QUOTE]

fiche, today i am perhaps noticing that my "fuse" is shorter than usual. i am normally quite patient and good at recognizing when it's okay to voice my opinion and when i should just let things go because they aren't a big deal. my tongue is a little bit sharp today! but i can't fully attribute that to the accutane because i am tired from a very busy weekend and stressed about a hectic week at work. just something i will monitor.

now starting to get to some major dryness and itchiness all over! i bought neosporin lip therapy this weekend, and it is THE BEST! i highly recommend it! cetaphyl lotion is starting to burn a lot, though! do you have a lotion that you like that is soothing??

i am curious about the regulations in canada, because they are SO STRICT here in the US. have to register with the FDA, get an official patient ID number that is registered with the FDA, answer questions every month about my understanding of birth control before i can go pick my prescription, see the doctor every month! every pill in the blister pack has a little punch out of paper that reminds you not to get pregnant! maybe i can post a picture of it.

as for the liver enzymes, it seems like when i took accutane 16 years ago, i did have to have a monthly blood test, but i don't know if they were checking liver enzymes each month or just doing a blood pregnancy test. i know that this go-round, after the first month, i only have to have a urine pregnancy test. thank goodness! i hate getting poked!

i am allergic to erithromycin drugs, so i couldn't take those for my acne!

if i did not have private insurance here in the US, the generic of accutane, called claravis, would be about $250/month! my insurance copay is thankfully only $30/month. i could not afford it without insurance! we have a couple other generics as well...amnesteem and sotret are the other names i know of. name brand accutane is no longer manufactured in the US.

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