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Hello laporte, I have taken spiro for the past year for acne and I think it works great, but keep in mind that it works really gradually. I think it actually made me breakout for a while before i became clear (took about 3 months). Over the past several months I've tapered down to the lowest possible dose, as I could not stand how dry it made my skin and weird side effects started developing and bothering me. Watch out for bloating and weight gain in your lower torso/body in a couple of months (yes, I know it's a diuretic, but oddly, it began to have the opposite effect for me later on!).

I wear tons of makeup too, but I just use Olay Foaming Facewash in Sensitive, and then Paula's Choice Skin Balancing toner. Every other night I use Retin A gel in either .025% or .01%. Works fine for me, but I seem to break out if I use too much powder makeup or stray from the retins for too long--or worse, if I use oils on my face (just the other night i stupidly used emu oil and woke up with the first cystic/nodular type acne I've had in a really long time).

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