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Acne = gut problems
Aug 13, 2012
Hey guys.
Am after a bit of feedback.
I have been researching acne for 5 years.
My own skin troubles began at 14. Since then I have had spots every single day of my life. They're mild compared to some people's but still bad enough to wreck my self confidence and they also mean I can't go out without a face full of makeup.
I do, however, have a theory as to what causes acne.
Not in all people, but a good proportion.
I believe acne occurs when the lining of the gut becomes overly permeable.
For most people I think the initial cause is long term antibiotics.
I think the chain goes a little like this.
Normal teen acne = (in many cases) antibiotics = disturbed gut flora/candida overgrowth. The candida overgrowth irritates the gut lining causing certain molecules to be able to slip through into the bloodstream.
The main offenders are dairy, gluten, the nigthshade vegetables etc.
I was diagnosed with candida at 25. I cleared it with oregano oil, but my acne didn't go and I felt worse. I began to suffer from IBS too. SOmething wasn't right with my gut.
I cut out dairy. My skin improved but it was still zitty and I had dark circles under my eyes. I believe that to heal the gut all the main allergens have to be removed for a period of time so the body can desensitize to them.
I am currently eating no dairy and no gluten. I will see if this does the trick. I've got before and after pics so can post after a month dairy/gluten free. What do you guys think?

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