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This is a long post but I would greatly appreciate feedback!! :)
First post ever and in need of some advice! I am on the 2nd day into my 10th week of Tretinoin gel 0.01%. 10 weeks ago I was having a pretty bad breakout that wouldn't go away after months(never had very bad acne, but this was horrible &all over) Anyways, they were mostly Papules on my cheeks, few Pustules..but there were some, and a lot of skin colored bumps (not deep ones, weren't painful. They just would never go away nor would they turn into anything) mostly on my forehead and also on cheeks. Nothing really on my chin. About twice a month I would get a nodule that would be deep and hurt, but they would go away within a couple days. So I went to my doctor and he put me on retin A 0.01%. About 6 weeks in I was noticing my skin was looking a lot better. But didn't last longer than a week or two and from then on my skin has been horrible. At the moment, I have a huge breakout of tiny whiteheads and tiny Papules(I think) on my chin and mostly pustules/Papules(although, they have dramatically gone down from a couple weeks ago) on my cheeks. The same skin colored bumps are on my forehead along with some little red bumps. (the skin colored pimples are gone from my cheeks) I also have a few little whiteheads under my nose/above my lips. Which I never got before. I will also get these deep pimples (not huge ones) on my cheeks, (maybe two at a time, every other week) that will start as a deep under the surface pimple then after a couple days it will feel as if it is "full" and be able to be popped..sometimes just touching them will make them burst. My question is, why have I not heard of anyone using Tretinoin/retin a gel 0.01%? I usually hear about .1 or .05%. Should I go up in dosage or what? I have extreme dryness &horrible redness, although right now I am doing okay on the dryness, but I would rather have dryness than acne. Should I be seeing more results by now or is this typical to be going so back and forth and then just pretty much stop seeing results for a few weeks? Any advice is welcome, really! :)
Thank you so much x
Hmm, I was under the impression that Tretinoin was retin a, just the generic brand.. I am on Tretinoin .01%. Sorry for the mixup! I am ill-educated in the whole acne-medication-stuff. :)

I have definitely gotten a lot clearer since I last posted.
I am thinking I got the names of the types of acne/pimples that I have wrong(when I was describing my acne), because even at the time of the breakout, I would never say it was brutal or anywhere near severe.

As of now, halfway through my 11th week, my breakout on my chin is completely gone and my skin is not dry, nor is it red anymore(for now). But, I do still have the skin colored bumps that seem to never go away on my cheeks. You cannot see them when you are looking straight at my face or in a bathroom mirror, but when I catch a glimpse of my cheeks (more so my right cheek) in the sun through my mirror, I can see it is bumpier then I initially thought. My skin appears very clear besides those bumps. Some of the bumps are a tiny bit pink but they are not like a regular pimple, because they do not come to a head/ever have anything in em.

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