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Hey all

So for months now (about 9months) i have had acne for the first time in my life (i am now 23), i got the odd spot every now an then when i was younger, but nothing like this

Although the acne is not your normal sort of pimple,. they start as fat like deposits under the skin, similar to a black head, some would stay there, and some would surface into a puss style head, never a proper pimple head,

I have tried EVERY over the counter face wash, cleanser, etc.

Recently i went to a dermatologist, who said to continue using the face washes, and conned me into purchasing a $50 face gel, which is meant to help clear & reduce the markings from these horrible little spots & bumps.

I only get these on each side of my chin, along my jaw bone line, and sometimes near my cheeks,

Ive tried every home remedy, shop remedy, etc.

I am unable to take any thing internally for these as i am 3months pregnant (dermatologist said that my spots are not caused hormonally, that it is Transforming(??) skin)

My aim was to have beautiful clear skin for my wedding in December, but alas, it just is not happening,

If anyone has had this happen, what did you do to clear it? any proven methods?

I currently use

Nivea- Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (rtwice daily)

Clean & Clear Blackhead removing scrub (every 3rd day)

ASAP Clear Skin Gel (use after every face cleanse)

And finally a Aloe vera face moisturizer afterwards

Any help or advise would be so very much appreciated.
That sucks. From what I've heard, acne can explode during pregnancy and some women get it pretty bad, so at least yours sounds manageable. I think you are limited in what you can use since you're pregnant.

I have never found face washes to be effective for acne because you just wash the medicine off your face, so they mainly just irritate. It's best to use gentle washes for acne--especially since anything that irritates it just makes it look 10 times worse. Scrubs in particular are really bad for acne because they just inflame it and make it angry.

Maybe chemically exfoliating instead? Jan Marini makes a really good glycolic wash (some people swear by this wash alone). Or maybe you could try alpha hydroxy? Alpha Hydrox is a good brand to go with; it's cheap and they make gels as well as lotions (they also have a really good basic cleanser).

If you still want to use a medicated wash for the acne I would use one of the benzoyl peroxide washes. Either PanOxyl 5% or Acnefree's 2.5% foam wash. BTW, I've heard benzoyl peroxide is usually recommended over salycilc acid (BHA) when you're pregnant, so definitely research all of these things before you use them cause aside from bp, I'm not sure if any of the other ones aren't recommended or not.

Most of the bp products at the drugstore are way too concentrated (5-10% bp can be so irritating), but Neutrogena's On-the-Spot-Acne treatment is a decent 2.5% BP treatment sold at the drugstore. I also think Jan Marini's 5% bp lotion is AMAZING, but it's around $50 so it's up to you whether or not you wanna drop that amount on another cream (this is definitely the gentlest bp I have ever used, so I think it's worth it). Rather than using it as a spot treatment, just apply it thinly to the areas that you're prone to breaking out after you wash your face at night. When you do it this way, it will eventually prevent the acne from occurring in those areas, but it takes time, so you gotta be patient. The skin cycle is typically 28 days. This basically means that the next couple weeks of acne that pops up was already there and it was going to come out anyways, so just keep applying the treatment and dont get discouraged by it. Hope this helps in some way.

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