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[QUOTE=crookedhearts;5054390]Ugh! I've resorted (yet again) to trying to take a tiny dose of spiro because I CANT STAND how my face has become CRAZY OILY and it's totally f-ed up my hormones (whenever I go off of it I start breaking out again--and in places that I NEVER BROKE OUT BEFORE!). I swear to god this stuff affects my body like birth control--it's crazy.

Be careful about going off of it. From what I remember you were on a high dose right? Ween yourself off slowly because it makes you swell up like a beached whale and break out like crazy if you just stop it.

I use retin a gel and take the oral antibiotic Clindimyocin (eh, i've spelled it wrong but close enough). I hate antibiotics too, because you're right: they are supposed to be temporary. Luckily for me, I seem to be able to get away with taking the same antibiotic for years with it still being effective--but it's not good to be on antibiotics forever so I worry about it (still i'd rather have clear skin). I've been on different ones through the years. Be careful about taking the cycline antibiotics for extended periods--they can have GI side effects (they cause nausea and upset stomach etc) and in the end, basically make your skin more fragile and prone to sun damage.

I would definitely try accutane if you're open to it. I was only ever able to handle a low dose of the stuff b/c of the side effects--i got horrible depression and headaches from it--but the side effects are different for everyone on accutane, so try to ignore all the scary crap you hear about it. For lots of people, they say it's the only thing that ever worked. It seemed to help my acne a lot even at a low dose but then I just quit taking it and used retin a instead.

If I could take a full accutane course (at full strength) I would, just in the hopes that it could get rid of my acne forever, but I can't, so in the end I've just concluded that I just have to find the right balance of treatments to work for me. Antibiotics, a bit of spiro, and retin a seemed to work best. I think if I took up spiro again I'd be able to get rid of the antibiotic but I just can't bear to take the full dose.[/QUOTE]

Well i took spiro for a month and 7 days....I don't think i will swell up or anything. I have to admit as i was on spiro...i went on a low potassium/ no dairy diet and i seem to eat less....I am not sure if it is the diet or the meds that is making me eat less but I think I will continue with this diet....I am going to see my doctor next monday....I am going to discuss with her the alternative treatments for my acne....i think i might have PCOS so i better have that check out and I should get my hormones check too.........I hate this perimenopause period...all these yucky stuff...i forgot to mention I suffer from IBS-C Inflammatory bowel syndrome - constipation type..... Anyways, thanks for all your valuable advice....I really appreciate it...I will update on how my visit with my doctor next week thanks crookedhearts:angel:

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