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I think some people think of retin a as being helpful for blackheads, sure. Lol, I think differin gel works better for blackheads and acne than retin a to be honest, because it's far less irritating (also just seems more effective), but that's just my personal opinion and the two aren't that different from the other.

Retin a won't make your pores smaller; nothing can really make your pores smaller--not even lasers or chemical peels. All they can do is smooth your skin down and make it plumper. Retin a can do that to a much lesser degree. From what I understand it does it by penetrating the deeper layers of your skin and stimulating collagen production by speeding up your skin's cycle and forcing it to renew itself. This gradually plumps and firms your skin (which makes your pores look better), but all the while it is also pushing out all the crap in your skin, exfoliating, irritating, and basically making your skin all fragile, so you can really tear your skin up if you're not careful (Tazorac is even worse). If you think your pores are getting bigger and it's bothering you, than slow down. Apply it every other night, or apply less of it nightly--and definitely do not apply it directly in those areas that the directions warn you about (retin a migrates on its own so it's not even necessary), cause using retin a more or using it more frequently and on those sensitive areas isn't going to help; it can actually gradually make the problem worse.

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