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Re: I'm clear!
Feb 22, 2003
thanks everyone for your congrats!.

now to answer your questions. i think i can safely say that the things that didnt work were any product specifically formulated for acne, i stopped using them and switched to aleo vera gel my skin got better almost immediately. The aleo gel i use is made by ESI, its 99.9% pure and it has the International Science Council Certificate of purity. I'm in London, i know a lot of you here are from the US, so i dont know if youll be able to find it there; try looking for a gel with the same charateristics. The cleanser i use is Cliniques rinse-off cleanser for NORMAL skin. It's very creamy, removes make-up really well and goes a long way.

For brushing skin i used a face brush which you can buy at any drugstore. I started out brushing gently for a couple of minutes but i soon started brushing more vigorously and for longer. I brushed on damp skin using my regular cleanser, sometimes brushing up to 10 minutes. its a matter of going gentle at first till you find what youre comfortable with. Only brush on smooth skin, never over a zit or over a freshly squeezed zit, heh. Afterwards i use a 10% collagen cream made by Carreras, again not sure if this is available for everyone but i would think any collegen cream would do or any good moisturiser, after brushing never use an acne lotion. i would moisturise for 2 nights usning lots of cream, cover whole face in a thick layer, also used nappy rash cream sometimes too but found it hard to wash off in the morning. After brushing your skin will be red and sensitve, dont panic, it will look like that for no more than 2 or 3 days, recovers quick, for ladies like me just pile on some extra makeup in the morning. For the rest of the time i used the aleo gel, which i should warn can be quite drying, sometimes i would skip the gel and just moisturise or noting at all.

My skin condition was mild acne i think, but very persistent, located exclusively around jawline and forehead, very likely was hormonal, i am very fair skinned so what bothered me most were the red marks which showed up a lot on my skin type. i never considered BC because i am a smoker.

Of course if you have a lot of active acne you cant brush your skin, i dried out my pimples first with the gel before i started brushing.

Vitamins per day:

Vit C 1000mg
Vit E 20.000mg
6 Salmon Fish Oil capsules (a lot people break out with these)

Anyway, hope ive answered all your questions, if ive missed any please repeat them. I dont know if what i did will help eveyone as everyone's condition is different but i wanted to post my good results in the hope that it might help some people.

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