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Re: I'm clear!
Feb 23, 2003
To blackeyes, the only thing i noticed while taking the fish oil was that i put on weight, and my skin was nice and oily, i say "nice" cos my skin has always been on the dry side, so i appreciated the extra oil. No, i didnt change my diet, i dont really believe diet has any effect on acne, at least not for me, and to be perfectly honest i dont believe that the supplements i took played any major part in me clearing up.

To lonely. i dont think collagen would have any beneficial effect on active acne. I had very little acne once i started brushing my skin and i used the collagen cream because i realised i needed a lot of extra moisture for it to recover. i would recommend skin brushing to anyone who is not breaking out anymore and wants to get rid of their red marks. it is cheap, effective and works fast. after just a couple of weeks doing this i noticed an enormous improvement and my skin has totally renewed itself in 2-3 months of doing this. i actually started brushing about 6 months ago but unfortunately i did the egg yolk mask thing for a couple of weeks and started to break out again, so i had to stop brushing and deal with the new breakouts, wait for those to go till i could start the brushing again. i really beleive that brushing your skin once or twice a week over a period of time works the same as going for a series of peels but you dont run any risks of burning or irritation etc.

On another note: i was out Friday night at a club and got talking to this guy, we had been talking for a long time when he suddenly rubs his cheek and says "ive got a lump on my cheek". I take a look and say "oh, its just a spot", he goes "what do you mean a spot?" i repeated, "you just have a spot on your cheek" and he says, "you mean like an acne spot?" so i go, "yeah" and he goes "isnt that what adolescents get"?... anyway, to cut a long story short, i thought the incident illustrates how unknown acne is for a lot of people. he was genuinely surprised and hardly seemed to know what i was talking about. made me angry to think that someone could be so ignorant about such a common disease.

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