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Ahh... your skin sounds exactly like mine.

I've only recently gotten it under control. I'll tell you my daily regimen.

1. I don't wash my face with anything other than original Dove white bar soap. None of the drug store acne washes really do much at all. I've never had any success with these companies who like to profit off of everyone's acne problems.

2. When I wash my face with the Dove I lather it up using the Olay Spinbrush. It's essentially the Clarisonic but $200 cheaper. It's great at getting rid of the flakes and dead skin. It's also great at clearing out your pores and removing those clogs.

3. After I wash with Dove and dry, I apply Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid to a cotton ball and swipe all over my face. This stuff is AMAZING for oily, clogged, acne prone skin and blackheads. I saw a serious difference after the first time I applied it. --- the only issue here is that you will see enhanced dry skin for the first few days/week. That's because this is what this product is supposed to do. It completely gets rid of all the dead skin sitting ontop of your face (that's why you have all the clogs and dry flakes--- it's all dead skin settling into your pores and clinging to your face.)

The BHA will make your skin feel tight and when I initially started using it I would slather my face with shea cream or night cream, and I found it actually works better if you DON'T apply lotion, just kind of deal with the tightness. I've come to enjoy that feeling at night b/c I'll look in the mirror and see non-existent pores, where as before they were all clogged and noticeable and open.

Also to combat the flakes that the BHA are creating, I use simple Scotch Magic tape to those areas and voila, flakes gone. It's really miraculous. Just use some Scotch to pull off the dead skin before you apply make up, and if you see any stragglers you can use it after the makeups on too. Takes it right off, no problems.

For the day time I do use lotion, I use Eucerin with spf.

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