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Hi, I think I have the exact same problem!

My whole face gets really greasy (not just t-zone, cheeks too!), but on top of that, areas around my nostrils, mouth and chin will have flakey bits, like the top layer on top of the greasiness. I've noticed that when I'm ill and don't end washing my face day and night like I normally do, I get really bumpy skin on my upper lip, chin (just below my lip) and between my eyebrows. Normally I can only feel the bumps if i suck in my lips and push my teeth out so that the skin is stretched out. Then I can see that there are clear hard bumps underneath the top layer of the skin.

I can't remember when they developed (I am now 27), but I keep them to a minimal by using a brush to wash my face (I just use a 3 The Body Shop face brush instead of my Clarisonic as it's small enough to reach into areas that the latter won't) with a creamy face wash containing AHA and BHA (I use a Hadalabo Tamagohada one). This I do everyday and that helps to keep my skin smooth. I only use the brush at night though as I put foundation on in the morning and if I was to use the brush my skin would be "too" smooth and my foundation would just slip and slide around my upper lip area and would accentuate the bumps. Once a week I would also steam my face over a bowl of hot water then use the Borghese Fango (dark green) mud mask to help unclog my pores.

I used to also have these bumps on my chest area and no matter what technique I used they never went away (if I scratched them with my nails, then they would be flat, but would always come back). Then a few months ago I went to Thailand for a relaxing holiday and did lots of spa treatments. At one particulr place I was having a salt scrub and the lady (who was heavy-handed like a man) used a really course salt (and oil) to scrub my whole body (which hurt alot!), but the bumps on my chest disappeared completely. Now I feel them starting to come back so I'm just getting a salt scrub from Boots or The Body Shop and scrub myself.

If you have dry and oily skin together, it means that your skin is dehydrated. Try drinking lots more water and use products with hyrolaunic acid which helps "lock in" moisture.

I really hope that helps!

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