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[QUOTE=TWS12;5079149]I want to take a razor blade and rip my skin off. i have tried everything. and i know your supposed to have good mental health for your acne to get better but its kinda hard when i have a face full of scars and ugly pimples. I am jealous of everybody with clear skin[/QUOTE]

You need to be exfoliating. You have scarring because the top layers of your skin are dead. To alleviate scarring those dead layers need to come off, exposing fresh skin layers and as time passes the scars will lift as the skin comes off.

Exfoliating can be anything from professional microdermabrasion. And a great liquid exfoliator is AHA/BHA liquid. BHA is great for oily, clogged, acne prone skin. It works by taking off all dead skin, within three days of my using this all the skin on my nose peeled off, pores are tight, all my clogs virtually gone.

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