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I had a facial a few months ago and my esthetician went on and on about red and blue light therapy. She showed me the papers about how blue light is supposed to do this and that, and red light is supposed to promote the healing by going deep into the skin layers, and she used both lights on me.

I felt nothing, only saw some red and blue light and honestly I didn't see any noticeable difference in my skin.

Maybe if you get it done continuously something will happen (just like with microdermabrasion), but honestly facials are expensive and the woman I went to did it to my skin for free as a trial... but I wouldn't pay for a light to go over my face, it was expensive!!

If you're looking for treatment for mild acne, I would suggest looking into AHA/BHA liquids.

I have pretty bad skin, I'm also 28 and you'd think the acne would be going away by now, but my skin still flares up like a teenager, I hate it.

I got into Paula's Choice BHA and I've seen a noticeable difference in my skin from the FIRST application.

For reference my skin is Oily/Combination with dry patches around the nose or chin. I get clogged pores extremely easily, I breakout monthly and I have some indent scarring from some clogged sebum pores that became infected.

BHA is basically Salycilic Acid. Paula's Choice is 2% and you apply with a cotton pad after washing. It tightens up pores, clears out pores from clogs and blackheads, and clears up acne.

Legit, from the first application I went to the bathroom and all the pores on my cheeks like shriveled up and died. I use it once a day at night after washing off the makeup.

Downside is that in the beginning it SEVERELY drys out skin. But, I think that's the sign it's working. It's supposed to exfoliate all the dead skin and within 3 days my entire nose peeled off.. it has since gone back to normal once all the dead stuff was off.

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