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Clear me
Nov 5, 2012
:confused:Hi all this is my first post and ill be telling u all about my pimply dramas.My skin has never been perfect but tolerable.Last November my skin started breaking out with all this tiny pimples.I thought it was due to stress so i left it n thought it would clear up eventually,but that never happened.I decided to head to the doctor n she told me to start the pill n that it was probably hormonal.She precribed me Yaz n within 13 days i was in emergency ward with heart palpatations n anxiety n thought i was going to die.So after i recovered a few weeks later i was back to the doctor n given diane 35.Noticed a slight difference except i started getting hair growth on my face n thought i was turning into a werewolf so that drug was immediatly binned.So i decided to take things into my own hands n goggled a dermatologist.I found a great one in town n headed off.She examined me n gave me a topical treatment epiduo gel n Spironolactone.I noticed a huge difference within 2 weeks my skin dryed out n tiny pimples started vanishig( my skin did become very itchy n red while on this)I was feeling really confident but soon that clear skin broke out like no other i was shattered...I let it play out as my next derm appointnent was 4weeks away.I arrived at dermatologist office fuming upset as all i wanted was for her to tell me the issue n clear it now my skin was worse than when i originally went to her..She checked my skin out n added a antibiotic doxyclerine n another cream eryacne.Its been 5 days on meds no differnce yet but am hoping this formula will work. having bad skin is so frustrating maybe all off us can come up with a secret formula...Will keep u all posted sorry this is so long next post will be shorter n hopefully clearer..

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