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hey there, here are some terms that i found of a website that i am not permitted to mention because of the rules on this message board. just go to any search engine and type "acne" or "acne types" and you will find tones on info. good luck with your treatment!

Comedonal acne: Acne characterized by whiteheads and blackheads, without other forms of skin lesions.

Comedones: Enlarged, plugged hair follicles. If the comedone is under the skin, it's a whitehead. If it breaks the surface of the skin, it's a blackhead.

Cyst: Similar to a pustule, a cyst is an inflamed, pus-filled lesion that goes deep into the skin, and can cause pain and scarring.

Cystic acne: One of the most severe forms of acne, cystic acne occurs when the infected contents of a pustule or pimple erupts beneath the skin, rather than on the surface. The body's natural defenses then try to fight the infection, leading to swelling and pain. Cystic acne often causes facial scarring. While it usually occurs spontaneously, cystic acne can be caused by scratching and picking at pimples.

Macule: A temporary red area that is the result of a healing lesions. When macules are massed in an area they make the skin look an angry red.

Nodule: These are large, solid and often painful skin lesions that are buried deep in the skin layers.

Papules: Small, tender pink bumps on the skin.

Pustules: Also called pimples, pustules are inflamed, pus-filled comedones, often red around their edges.

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