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For the past six months or so, I have had these pink/red bumps on my face that I believe are pimples. They could be Folliculitis or boils, but I think they're pimples. A few days ago, I had so many that I started using a facial cleanser that is supposed to help get rid of pimples. It seems to be working, until I noticed something tonight.

I cleaned my face like I usually do, and then maybe 10 minutes later this one area started itching for well over 90 minutes. Then I noticed two small bumps developing in this area. What's odd is that this is an area I DID NOT use the facial cleanser on. I'm not sure what this area is called but it's basically the chin or the neck area below the chin.

Does anyone know why it would start itching and developing bumps after I cleaned my face (I'm not allergic to the cleanser)? Note: I did not use the facial cleanser on this particular area. But also, a few of the bumps along my jaw line that I did use the cleanser on also itch. It makes me wonder if these bumps are really pimples. I am in my early 30s and never had acne as a teenager or young adult. I would get a pimple or two maybe three times a year in my 20s, but that's it. Now I have some sort of break out along my jaw line.

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