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My derm started me on 40mg a day. By day 3 I had called her office to figure out something because I couldn't take it any more-- chronic migrane headache, severely itchy body and sandpaper dry eyes. I couldn't go anywhere.

So she told me to do one 40mg pill every other day. I took 3 days off (so started and did 3 days then took 3 days off) and did a pill and skipped a day and took another pill.

Since this seemed to be working, I developed a creative titration of taking one pill every 30 hours... Or so. So like one pill Monday 7 am. Tuesday noon. Wednesday 5 pm. Thursday bedtime. Friday off. Etc.

Of all the horrors of persistent side effects, the dry vagina and chronic yeast infections have been the worst. I started using a product called "rephresh" and it seems to be at least soothing.

I had my one month appointment and I had gotten in 20 pills.

My derm decided to move me to 20 mg once a day saying the new protocols seem to be use the lowest amount that works. She doesn't want me to be miserable, so we are trying this now.

And today I have another yeast infection. *Sigh*. I don't think I have had sex in 6 weeks. This is a first for me. And is the most challenging part of the protocol (happily married).

I had been trying over the counter yeast infection medicine, but it isn't budging (I don't know if this has been one long infection or several ones). Derm prescribed me diflucan 150 mg.

As for the acne, I did have a small to medium initial breakout-- mostly on chin and forehead. My lips are actually not that bad (thank god for aquaphor). Now my face looks less inflamed, my pores are noticeably smaller and my dark spots seem to be fading. So my complexion is definitely looking better.

I can't really work out with my trainer any more.... Severe muscle aches afterwards... Like an exaggerated DOMS. We do a two set baby weight lifting plan now. I'm definitely having the muscle aches problem-- had to take vicaprofin a few times.

And I have had small little bumps break out along my forearms and hands. I regularly spray saline in my nose as my nostrils get real dried out (take this one seriously... If your nose hairs dry out, you can get infections more easily).

I'm not sure I'm going to make the whole 6 months because of the yeast infections, but I'm taking it one day at a time and hoping to get as much in as possible.

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