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I'm giving this a shot since I really don't have the money for laser resurfacing. I used to pick a long time ago (about a year and a half) when I would break out and it left my cheeks with some rolling scars.

I heard that Epidermx II paired with chamomile oil works well with religious use for pitted scars. I've read that it takes about a year to see results. I've also heard the same about MSM cream, but that it only takes a month for you to start noticing a difference. Does anyone have any experience with these products? I recently ordered them online. I'm trying not to have my hopes too high, but I'm really hoping that these products work!

I quit smoking 2 weeks ago by the way, so I've been taking extra good care of my skin.

So anyway, has anybody had any experience with these products?

And have any of you had success with treating pitted scars?

I'm going to let you all know how this stuff works and if it does.

If anybody has experience with these products, please let me know!
Hi. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I used Epidermx II for over a year and wound up hating it. My skin was broken out the entire time I used it and it did nothing for the scarring..

I also continued to get cystic acne the whole time I was on it. I eventually did break down and have lasering was 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart, which included IPL light treatments and some pretty strong medicines which were administered prior to lasering. I havent had a single breakout since, my skin is actually clearer than it had been in years- and with all the money I have wasted in the past ten years of over the counter, prescription, facials, machines, and whatever else anyone suggested, it was probably cheaper in the long run to just have had this done.

The company which makes Epidermx, makes other products as well, including a Camu oil- which also broke me out....nothing from that line helped me. I hope you have better success with it.
Hey, I just received Epidermx II in the mail yesterday. So far I've used it 2 days in a row and my pores look like they shrunk even though I hear that's not possible. The blackheads on my nose have almost disappeared too. My skin was super smooth today when I put on my make up, I couldn't see any of my pores. So maybe we have different skin types? I like that it is all natural.

I am still waiting for the MSM cream to come in the mail. It is all natural as well and I'm hoping that it makes my results even better.

I plan on using these products daily for a year and see how they work. I've heard good stories about them concerning pitted scars, so I'm praying that they work for me.

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