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So I'm living in South Korea, teaching English. I've had persistent cystic acne (one/two cysts every month) for about 15 years now! I finally broke down and went on accutane. It's ridiculously easy to get accutane here. I walked in, had a prescription filled in five minutes, no questions, no signing anything, wasn't asked if I was on birth control or pregnant. A month's supply here is also only $27! (super cheap!) Anyway, I was given a low dose. Only 20 mg a day since I also have eczema/dry skin and I'm now on the sixth month which will be my last month. Every time I ask about blood tests, this doctor laughs and say's "Accutane very safe drug. It not necessary. For Koreans, we give blood tests every two months" he tells me in broken english. I kept insisting and managed to get two blood tests out of him within the six months and only had my first blood test after the second month!
My cheloestrol was a bit high on the second test during month 4 (which he shrugged off since it wasn't a fasting blood test) Anyway, this doctor keeps stressing over and over how 'safe accutane' is that I feel I've gotten lazy myself. Should I go to the hospital and get a blood test or see a different doctor? It's ridiculous the lack of concern they have here for your health and how easy it is to get certain drugs and how cheap!! With that said, at least I've been on a low dose.

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