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I'm male and 26 and have had acne since i was younger. However last few years it gotten much better until i broke out a lot again.

I have cystic acne and its usually in a few problem spots on my face. I usually get 2-3 of them at a time and the only way for them to go away is when i wash my face such as using gentle purpose cleanser, it then sort of pops a bit and then it bleeds. I then continue clean my face with it as thats my cleanser. So it takes 1 week of it before those cysts are bleeding and thus its gone. Problem is of course there are red marks and brown marks because of it. Then a few days later, i get more of these in different parts of my face.

If i dont do this, then the cyst doesn't pop and thus that cyst will look very red and you will still see it on the face. I know you are not suppose to pop a pimple but this isn't a pimple, its a cyst. However, is it possible to actually heal the cystic pimple like this in those spots where it doesn't pop and bleed but then have it grow smaller? The other thing is these cystic pimple im talking about has a head. So does that mean it has to bleed in order for it to thus go away? The thing is everytime the cyst gets popped when washing my face, it leaves hyperpigmenation and its huge... like dime size. Thing is i have tons of these all over my face because of it. So basically i have hyperpigmention/red marks everywhere b/c of this.

Is there a solution to these cystic pimples on my face? Its those that are painful and thus once it breaks whether you pop it or use a cleanser and wash your face, it bleeds a bit and then after a while you no longer have a cyst there. These are not those regular pimples you get. When i get those, i don't pop them, i just put a salycid acid cream on it and it does okay usually.

I currently use neutrogena acne defense lotion that has 2 percent salycic acid and its good to put on for pimples that are not cysts. However if i put them on a cyst, it doesn't really do that much. So whenever i wash my face in the morning and evening with my cleanser, it increases the chance of the cyst bleeding.

My question is are we never suppose to pop these cystic pimples? The thing is even if you don't, aren't you going to eventually when you cleanse your face? Last time i tried to make sure i dont cleanse my face hard and thus make the cyst pop and bleed but eventually it did. Again, these are cysts that are painful and red and have a head on it.

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