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Im sorry you are in such are under the care of a dermatologist; maybe you should consider seeing another one for another opinion? I had suffered with cystic acne on my face only for years- went to a medical spa, where I had IPL laser done..its done in such a way that it actually infuses your lower layers of skin with some pretty strong medicine- then when the laser hits it, it actually removes the top layers of skin in order to heal clearer. It did help; however it was 6 treatments, 4 weeks apart, over 2000$- and Ive had to go back for maintenance treatments once a year ever since; however my skin is 95% clearer...

I have no idea if this might work for you, but its worth finding a medical spa which is run by a medical doctor who has a board certification in dermatology- do NOT go to one where anyone less certified is using lasers on you- and talk to them about possible treatments.

I too went through 2 rounds of accutane and wound up with absolutely NO relief from acne after I finished the second round...sure, it helped while I was on it, but as soon as I stopped, it came back with a vengence. I occasionally do 7 days of doxycyline- when things get bad- just to keep the bacteria count down- but overall, the lasering I had done, made the biggest difference in my life.

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