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I have some cystic acne on my face. Other areas of it are mild-moderate pimples.

However, my right jawline area, i have this painful huge spot. Im not sure but i say it was about a few weeks ago that i noticed this and right now its painful and is pretty red. Its about an inch and looks like a red scar from a distance.

At first i thought it was a cyst but the pain i had on it... it felt like a bedbug or mosquito bite b/c of the pain. The reason why i say this is because 1 year ago, i had something similar and thought it was just a big cystic pimple in my right jawline area. I found out later this was not acne but it was from mosquito bites. I figured this out when i noticed there were tons of mosquitoes that flew on my face when i sleep. I noticed they always bite like the right or left jawline for some reason only.

What i did last year was use aqua glycolic acid cleanser and cleansed that area very hard. The purpose was to pop that nasty big cyst and thus once i did and it started bleeding, i got happy b/c that means I broke it. Obviously i have a huge hyperpigmentation there and i just used some itch cream on it hoping for that huge mark to go away. I then used aha glycolic acid and after many months, it started fading but never faded fully but i was satisfied.

Well right now im not 100 percent sure if this is a mosquito/bed bug bite or a cyst. It wasn't until this year i read that you should never pop a cyst b/c it would make things worst but the thing is... this thing is really disgusting and painful. Besides the cystic pimple, the area right in my right jawline on that pimple is extremely red. Its like 1 inch of redness that looks like ketchup.

What should i do with it? Should i go to a dermatologist and have a cortisone injection? I know they inject it if its a cyst or do they do injections if its a mosquito bite or bed bug bite? It just looks like a really red inflamed cyst but I have a hunch it might be a bedbug/mosquito bite.

The thing is if i dont put anything on it, it isn't going to get small. Im going to continue putting an itch cream on it... but would that even do anything to it?

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