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Carrots in my Cup
May 28, 2013
Hello Everyone

For YEARS I have suffered from very bad acne, so each post I completely understand. There was a time I was heading in to see my doctor once a week. She used to give me pills, stuff to put on my face, injections and so on for my acne..It seemed nothing really worked. I applied enough makeup on my face to look like a clown during a bad breakout. It also seemed like I was the only one because all my friends had amazing skin so I had no one to talk to. When I was 25 I got a huge cyst on my cheek. That was low point in my life..there was nothing that could be done (they couldn't take it out because it might leave a huge scar) so injections and stronger pills..I remember avoiding eye contact when I felt the person would stare at my face. I had no health insurance during this time and paid for the best doctor I could fine but it was just more pills. I had no idea what these pills were doing to my organs-damaging them or what. One doctor stated I'm probably allergic to a food but there was no way I could afford the test to find out.
It wasn't until I started getting healthy and doing my own investigation. I just got so tired of living in this cycle of mine-breakouts, pills, injections, avoiding eye contact, applying makeup..blah blah. I started reading about juicing. It changed my life. I went out and bought one and it's been my cure. I juice carrots, beets, apples, pears..and so on..the carrots have changed my life. My face hasn't had a bad breakout in a year. I no longer go to the doctor about my face. I workout daily and drink plenty of water.
Now, this worked for me but I'm not a doctor and can't say what will for you. I do know that since I eat healthy, juice, workout, drink lots of water there was this difference in my face.
I'm just writing this to say I also know how it's like to have acne. To know the dread when you wake up and see a huge pimple on your face. I know how people can be cruel and think you have control over this problem. I know how expensive it can get to see these doctors. I also gained weight when I took those my face was OK but I was gaining weight..great. I know what it's like to have no one to talk to about it and if you don't talk about it then maybe the problem isn't as bad as it seems..yeah sure.
Anyway, that's my story. Has the acne completly gone? well, stress can trigger a breakout but not as bad a few years back..I lost my job and broke out..I then had 2 juices of carrots and apples a day. The breakout only lasted a day. So for me, it worked. I feel finally able to be myself and not live in chains that acne forced me into.

Good luck. :angel:

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