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Hi everyone, Iíve been combing these boards for a while and am hoping I can get some help. But first, hereís my story, to give you some background.

My first brush with PD was about three-four years ago. I remember my derm giving me a bunch of small samples of Locoid (hydrocortisone) cream, which I would apply to the little whitehead-looking bumps when they popped up. It was much, much milder then.

Maybe a year or two later, the small samples werenít cutting it, so I went back into the derm. He gave me Sumaxin face wash for my acne and a metro lotion they make in-house Ė it was expensive, and I was told to use it twice a day on my chin. Oh, and it had hydrocortisone in it. Used twice a day, it worked like a dream.

Fast forward to now, and after realizing the harmful effects of hydrocortisone, I stopped using that lotion. I honestly thought I had it under control, but really, it was the lotion that had it under control Ė and my face has erupted. Two weeks ago I went BACK to the derm, who said I should have never stopped using the cream. I expressed my concern about the long-term usage of hydrocortisone, but he said the % used in that lotion is so small, it should not worry me in the slightest.

Since then, Iíve been taking Soledyn (oral antibiotic) and a metro lotion without the hydrocortisone, and every day there are new bumpsÖ and theyíre spreading to my cheeks. Some are little tiny whiteheads (but with clear fluid inside), and others are just.. wellÖ bumps. Iíve tried dabbing some diluted tea tree oil on them, but Iím not too sure thatís doing anything. Oh, and I should mention Iím taking probiotics, zinc and flax seed oil daily, in the hopes those will do some good.

Question is, do I go back to the lotion? If the derm, who studied skin and knows a lot more than I do, says the small amount of hydrocortisone is OK, should I trust him? I know if I put that lotion on tonight, my face will basically be back to normal tomorrow. Everything I read says to avoid hydrocortisone, but 2 derms different in the office seem to think itís fine when itís not an elevated level of it. Or do I need to tough this out, hoping the antibiotic/new lotion will kick in Ė and if not, pursue an all-natural approach?

I really appreciate your help. The fact that itís spreading is making me very nervousÖ

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