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It sounds very much like you are breaking out with oil glands surfacing...this could be one of two things, either the new cleanser is bringing it all to the surface and continuous use will eventually clear up the skin, or you are having an allergic reaction to it....and you are clogging your skin and its not allowing it to come out of the pores...

If you continue to use this for another two weeks and nothing good comes out of it, Id say this new cleanser is clogging you up and you need to switch again- but if you continue to use it for 2 weeks and you start seeing improvement, its quite possible that this is bringing all the bad stuff to the surface, and after your skin clears out, it will be very clear.

The only way to tell is to keep using it, in the meantime, add some exfoliation to your routine..a mild scrub, or use a scrub brush to open up the pores, see if that doesnt help it release the stuff trapped in the pores more easily.
Good luck!

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