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im 17 a soph in college and ive struggled with acne for 3 years now. i used to have amazing skin and then started getting mild acne here and there.
but now it has gotten so horrible that i cant even stand to look at myself in the mirror. my self esteem is down the drain. i dont go out at all, not even with friends or family. i just stay at home all day feeling like crap.
it has gotten so bad that i even broke up with my 3 year boyfriend. he says he loves me no matter what but i feel like hes lying. i just feel so ugly and disgusted with myself.
i have tried everything out there possible. every pill, every over the counter med, and every perscribed med there is. im starting accutane next month and i know its supposed to do wonders but i just dont know what to do with myself till then.
i feel so hopeless and helpless. college is starting in 7 weeks and i wanted to have better skin before then but i dont even think thats possible. i hate being the only one with bad skin amongst my friend group. it seems like they all have flawless skin and im so ugly. i know it will get better after i start taking the pill but for now i feel so low and i feel like im crying all the time because of this.

can anyone relate :/

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