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[QUOTE=MSNik;5199274]Epiduo has worked for me once I get things under control.....the antibiotics are key to the topical have to use both and only use a pea sized amount, too much and it does nothing. More is not better.

the injections should have gone down slightly....if not, you may honestly need to have them reinjected. When my doctor does mine (and I have been known to go every month ) she injects 2 different places in each one, and uses quite a bit of might want to give yours a call and ask if they can be redone...

Also, if you squeezed them or touched them post injection, you may have gotten the medicine out of the cyst, in which case it will do nothing. The only thing you should do post injection is put pressure on it to stop the bleeding and then use the epiduo after you wash your face that pushing on the cyst, or youll discharge the medicine.

Give your doc a call and ask if they can be redone.[/QUOTE]

Hi. Well i dont have insurance but is it true solodyn cost close to $1000 a month for 30 pills? I dont mind paying this much but i read a lot of reviews that ppl said solodyn isn't worth it. Also i read alot of ppl mention that antibitoics are not a long term solution and many said its the worst thing you can do to your body. Also read that once you get off of it, then acne comes back. Do you know if any truth to this? The thing is the reviews are not so good for it at all.

How long did it take for you to see some sort of results with epiduo? Did you have an initial breakout? Whats the difference between using epiduo and say regular 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide?
Hi Drew. I dont know who these "people" are that are telling you this....but for while we didnt have prescription drug coverage. Our local CVS pharmacy, would always give me generic of any drug which was prescribed. I just looked and the current generic for Minicycline for 100 mgs, 30 pills, is 90$ per month- cash.
Again, think generic, not brand name (Soloyn).
My husband had very moderate breakouts- he works outside in the heat, his was due to clogged pores.
Yes, I have heard of Dans Regimen. And no - I wouldnt try it. Its another cluster of drugs, which are not pharmaceutical grade. (which is why you have to use generous amounts) You might as well buy extra strength Proactiv if you want to try something that is over the counter....its half the price. Using quality pharmaceutical grade products will make the difference between over the counter and something you have to get from your doctor.
If you are serious about getting your acne cleared up- you need to commit. Youll need to stick to the program your doctor suggests for 2-6 months. Youll need to go back to the doctor regularly to show progress and get adjustments on what you are using or how often you are using it. For instance, if you were to use Epiduo wrong- it wont work. Too much will dry out your skin, causing it to over produce oil, and cause more breakouts. Too little, and you will only see minor changes. If you take Minicycline for a month and miss 3 days, youll break out....but as time goes on, youll start to see a difference.

Over the counter protocols, such as any acne medicine you can order online or buy at Walmart- arent strong enough for true acne, nor will they work on you. I believe I read where you have already tried 'everything". Your last resort, would be to look into IPL laser treatments. This basically shrinks the pores of the skin and dries up the sebaceous (oil) glands- and is a series of treatments. Your skin will respond to this. Everyone's does. But, I believe it cost me 1500$ for the series of 6 treatments over 36 weeks. My skin actually never looked better. I have gone back and done a single treatment once since then, a year after I stopped, as a "touch up", but havent been back since.

Commit to trying what the doctor wants you to try for awhile....Im not sure what your reasoning is for not having insurance, but do you qualify for Medicaid or health assistance through the state you live in? Every state has a low income or under insured medical might want to look into it.


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