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Adult acne!
Aug 27, 2013
Hi, is any one suffering from adult acne? I'm nearly 25 and for the past year or so I've had terrible acne all over my face (luckily I don't suffer with it on my chest or back etc). It can range from black heads, small whiteheads, huge cysts, really painful bumps, white small spots under the skin.

I've Never had the perfect skin, I suffered with acne when I was a young teen so was put on contraceptive pill which seemed to work quite well, but I've never been completely spot free!

This severe acne has happened gradually over a year, it first started a few months after I stopped taking the contraceptive pill due to health reasons and the fact I want to start a family within the next year. I looked online and it said when you stop taking it your hormones are all over the place and it's normal to develop bad skin whilst they sort themselves out.....yet a year later I'm really suffering! I have good days where I think wow I don't actually look that bad today then the next day I will literally erupt in spots!

I currently have 18 really large boils, general deep scarring and redness and LOTs of those annoying white small ones under my skin.

I have tried everything from cutting out dairy to a certain extent (chocolate is a bit of a weakness of mine) drinking lots more water, hell of a lot more fruit and veg, various face washes, creams, gels from the doctor (benzoyl peroxide but I was left with huge dry patches all over my face and it hurt like hell!!) I've tried drinking green tea, manuka honey face masks, apple cider vinegar. Literally nothing works! I'm currently using a neutrogena face wash for spots and a glycolic and salicylic acid gel called DDF (anyone heard of this) I've only been using this 2 weeks and I like to give products at least a month to see if they start working. But so far this doesn't look good either.

I'm not keen on taking pills as I feel like they do more damage in the long run.

I'm basically just at my wits end and anyone who is the same or who has found something that works please let me know. These blummin spots are ruining my social life and I'm starting to feel miserable all the time!!

Thank you

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