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Forehead Acne
Sep 14, 2013
Hey everyone. My name is Mike and I want to share with you guys about my forehead acne and what I did to clear it up. Let me start by saying in 23 years old, active, all around healthy male. In May of this year out of nowhere I started getting breakouts on my forehead, and forehead only. I have had oily skin on my face for about a year but never expected what would happen next. My forehead acne got so severe that it would keep me from participating in my routine social life, and my job as a paramedic was a nightmare. It was hard to look people in the eyes and I would count down the hours until my shift ended so I could just go home and be by myself. So when I determine that I should go see a dermatologist it was about a month after the frequent breakouts started. There wouldn’t be a morning where I wouldn’t wake up with at least 3 new zits. At times cystic acne. My dermatologist first prescribed Cetephil daily wash which is an over the counter face wash for oily skin. Also in the morning she prescribed Aczone and for at night Epidou. I saw no improvement and actually made it worse. Now everyone knows when you started these new prescribed topical medications that there is always an initial breakout. I stayed with it with no improvement. I went back about 2 months later for a different solution. This is where things started turning around for me and I started doing my own homework. So what fixed my acne (or started to improve it drastically) was a combination between western medicine (which is prescription meds for example) and holistic health approaches. I personally shower twice a day. So in the morning in the shower I was my face with dial hand soap. I know it sounds crazy but yes antibacterial hand soap. It kills the bacteria on your face which can lead to acne. When I get out of the shower I am still using the Cetephil for oily skin. For the morning my dermatologist prescribed Benzefoam. I apply it to affected areas only and leave it on for five minutes and wash it off. I am also taking a antibiotic 80mg called Solodyn once a day after breakfast. Now being on antibiotics long term is no good so once your acne clears up get off it. If you feel a breakout coming on start taking it again. So at night when I get home I jump in the shower and wash with the antibacterial hand soap once again. When I get out of the shower I apply Aloe Vera to my entire forehead and leave it on there until I go to bed and put my prescribed typicals on. I’m using the aloe vera for the few dark spots that I have from previous breakouts. Now getting rid of darks spots take some time but I have seen a great improvement using the aloe. Ok so bed time, I wash the aloe off and started applying the other topical. I will wash with the Cetephil like I do in the morning then, the medication that I think improved my acne the most. Tazorac cream!! This can extremely dry you out so use a moisturizer. Now Tazorac takes time to work. Im talking like 8 weeks of use. And yes you will have the initial breakout from the medication but stick with it. Give the medication time to work. So after I apply the Tazorac I will let it dry then apply the moisturizer. Ok so I told you what I do on the western medical side of things, now let me tell you about the holistic approach. So for starters I cut a few things out of my diet for good! Red meat, diary, sugar, white flower, white rice, coffee, and alcohol. Yes alcohol! If you want the clear skin then you can cut these things out. There is scientific proof that acne is caused my toxins that have built up in your body. Yes acne is also cause by a bunch of different things as well. So every morning I make a lemon tea. Lemon is a natural liver detoxing agent. I use half of a fresh squeezed lemon and squeeze the juice in hot water. After that I will juice. I use a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables. For example carrots, apples, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, blueberries, and kale. I also take a multi vitamin and omega 3 fish oil. Water intake is also the key! Drink drink drink. The only thing that I drink is water and the fresh juice that I make. That’s it! So that’s my story and how I started clearing up my acne. If you have any questions feel free to ask me . Best of luck to all. Believe me I know the struggle but you can overcome.

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