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HI there

I know this isn't about acne as such but wasn't sure where else to post really.

My DD is 20 months old and I am not sure if she could have either Infantile acne or Keratosis Pilaris on her face.

she has red cheeks always and her skin is very dry on those patches of red skin and she has very tiny raised bumps and also little spots around her mouth/chin which look really red when she has eaten something or had her face wiped.

she has sometimes had white heads on her face too.

I have been to the GP he had no clue what it was and gave her hydrocortisone to use and Dermol cream but after a week, yes her skin is softer/less dry but the red patches and raised bumps are still there.

I think she may have some very small and just a few tiny raised bumps on her upper arm'shoulder but can't see any anywhere else but I do know I have them on my legs.

i have looked at images on the net and Infantile acne and Keratosis Pilaris look very similar on the cheeks

any advice would be greatfully recieved please

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