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Don't get me wrong; the diet recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation has helped my health tremendously but I still got acne on my chin and around my mouth. Chinese medicine says this is the area of the small intestine (I believe) and I found another article that says acne can be from SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)... of course there are hundreds of other articles that say it's hormones, or a million other things; but I know enough (with my pre-med physiology degree and experience with the gut-brain connection) that bacteria in the gut can interfere with neurotransmitter development, thereby affecting your whole body; possibly even hormones via disrupted nutrient absorption. Anyway I found some article that said that Lactobacillus DDS-1 specifically targeted the SMALL intestine. I've taken a million probiotics over the years (and being allergic to corn, I need to because the constant bombardment of inflammation disrupts beneficial bacteria) and finally just got the Complete Probiotics by Dr. Mercola because it contains DDS-1. One, 2-capsule serving has 70 billion bacteria (of different strains) and I've been taking 2, twice a day. I've also started making sure that I consume some sort of FOS (fructo-oligo-saccharides) in the form of honey or a banana when I take them. I tried cutting out all sugars for years and while it may stifle bad bacteria, I believe the lack of FOS's prevented the growth of the good stuff! I've only been taking the stuff for a couple of weeks and wow! All the tiny whiteheads are gone, only a few blackheads remain (but I am now slathering on coconut oil to help remove those and in the past that would break me out worse) and one pimple at present. I have NEVER seen such a quick difference. Taking cod liver oil removed redness from around my nose, and moistened my skin (until I took too much then it got dry in the past) but did not remove acne. I already said cutting out ALL sugars didn't work (and it was pretty torturous)... I think DDS-1 is the way to go; at least for me.

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