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Like you , I had tried Accutane 3 times between the age of 25-30. In my early 40s, the acne came back with a vengance, mostly cystic acne and it was horrible.
I had gone through every topical on the market, every antibiotic, every wash and lotion/ potion and cream. I finally went to a medical laser center. It wasnt cheap. I spent about 1500$ for 6 treatments, each was 4 weeks apart, BUT, my acne is gone. Also, the scars I had are almost completely gone. I had 2 different types of lasers, the first was to shrink the sebaceous glands (oil glands) its a type of IPL laser. The second was Fraxel...which actually does destroy the top layer of your skin and new , healthy, scar free skin comes back. The down time for the first laser was only a weekend, so I had my treatments on Friday evenings..the Fraxel laser was more of about 5 days, but only the fist 3 were bad. The next two days, I went to work and looked more sunburned than anything. It was worth every bit of inconvenience and money. The pain was really minimal, although it hurts when you get it done, like a rubber band snapping- its not unbearable and its worth it. There is no pain once you are finished the treatment...

Fast forward 4 years..i look 1000 times better and no one can tell what I had suffered for years.


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