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Hello everyone,

So this is my first time on accutane, and also posting to this site. To give you a brief description of myself, I'm a guy, weigh 140 ish, blonde hair blue eyes, around 5'11'' and skateboarding is my passion. Been doing it for 12 years now, have some sponsors and skating really well, but there's just one thing that's been giving me trouble. This acne. It just sucks to be that guy with acne ha but hey gotta deal with it.. I'd say I had moderate acne, very persistent. Whiteheads, blackheads, big red cyst like bumps, you name it. I've tried somuch just like everyone else. Recently was using proactiv plus, it kept it at bay for a while. So now one day I just decided it's time to go on accutane, I'm over it I can't deal with it. It's completely ruined my social life, i hate feeling self conscience cause I love my friends. So here we go accutane.. Here's my story.

The reason I'm posting on here is I wanna share my accutane expierience as well as hear what other people have to say and if they can relate.. I just started my dosage on May 7, today is the 21st. So I'm 2 weeks in today. So into week 1 everything was going well.. Face was average, not too bad. Then all of a sudden one night I just started breaking out. And that's when I realized I hit my IB(initial breakout), so things got pretty bad for a couple of days. It was terrible, zits on my neck, around my mouth, cheeks, chin, jawline. But then a couple days in I was noticing the accutane was drying my skin and lips and starting to clear up what acne I had.. So here I am on week 2 and it's slowly clearing up. I'll start posting my progress.

I'm using cerave hydrating cleanser and cerave moisturizing cream. Are those good? And also does anyone know if The initial breakout might be over soon now since it's starting clear up?

Thanks guys, hope to hear some feedback😄 much love!

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