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Accutane experience
May 24, 2014
Hi everyone,

i imagine you, like me. Have/had the most soul crushing disease - Acne.

Just thought i'd post this to try and help anyone considering/starting their accutane prescription.

I'm a 17 Athletic male and have suffered with acne since i was 12, it started as a couple of pimples on my forehead, and stemmed to blood blisters on my face....

Just to start off; i've read many posts where it says 'drink and eat well' I'm doing an extended diploma in sport, i drink around a gallon of water a day and a very balanced diet, barely every drink alcohol and have never smoked.

It makes 0 difference.

I started my accutane on 30mg a day for the first 2 months, if anything my acne got considereably worse during this time. Do not panic, just deal with it, try and resist the temptation of picking! ensure you moisturise regularly and have some lip cream with you!

During month 3 and 4 i was bumped up to 60mg per day. During month 3 i didnt see much improvment, very slight if any...

Month 4 some obvious improvement, not massive, but definetly better.

Once i finished my month 4 i had about 2 weeks before collecting my next 2 month course, in this team almost all my spots dissapeared! i did have really blotchy red marks on my face, but i'd have this over spots any day!

I'm now in to month 5 of accutane taking 30mg. i didnt realy want to take this course, but around a month of finishing month 4 the acne started to come back.

I'm hopeful, as acne really is horrible, physically and mentally.

Just to list some of the side effects i experienced.

-extremely sore lips, peeling, bleeding, cracking.

-sore, dry and tired eyes.

-Nose bleeding every other day, this really isnt fun when youre trying to play a football match!!

-joint paint, especially in the lower back. This was probably the most significant for me being an active sportsman.

- very dry skin, especially on my penis, the shaft begin to crack, very painful.
the Foreskin and glans were also very dry.

- i also noticed in month 3 smegma forming underneath my foreskin, ive never ever had this before, also not nice.

I didn't have any suicial thought atall, but i did feel down quite a bit (this may of just been to my acne worsening though)

I dont think the doctors give you enough detail of the side effects, so i thought i'd get it out there for you, so you dont feel alone.

If anyone has any questions or would like to know how my treatment is going im more than happy for you to post a reply.

Good luck to everyone.


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