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Im using Neutrogena oil free acne wash, pink grapefruit cleanser. It comes in a pump and its pink. They make several types. Ive seen a green one with a different scent, but they are all salacylic acid.

I use a moisturizer called Murad, acne- anti-aging mosituizer with SPF 20 during the day, this also has salacylic acid in it as the ingrediant. At night I use neutrogena oil free night mositurizer. When I need a spot treatment, and I often do to keep zits from becoming serious- at the first sight of a bump or inflammed pore, I use an adult acne cream called Adult Acnomel. I bought all of these products except the Murad at a drug store. You can search for them and read about them. Murad products are alittle more expensive and I bought this mositurizer at Sephora. Murad makes an entire line of salacylic acid acne products, you can order them online or buy them at Sephora. Ive tried the entire line, and found that my drug store cleanser works just as well and is much less expensive.

Sulphur is the main ingrediant in the adult acnomel. I like sulphur because it dries up things...the key to this product is to use it sparingly. You cant coat your entire face in it- you only spot treat, with only a small amount of product, or else it dries my skin, aggravates it, and it peels. Alittle goes a very long way.

I just read an article yesterday in my doctors office on Benzoil Peroxide and its side effects after long term use. Ill never use it again. EVER. The redness you describe isnt from the heat of the shower- its from irritating your skin. Stop using it.

By the way if you really want to invest in your skin..a Clairsonic brush is also something you might want to consider. Dont buy a cheap knockoff- get the good one...its rotating head actually helps remove dirt and oil from pores and get into the skin. Studies show it removes something like 75% more of what is in our pores than a washcloth or our hands...I use mine at night to remove all traces of makeup and the days filth. My husband uses mine (with a separate brush head) at the end of the day too- he works in construction and it keeps his skin from being clogged with dust and grime. Also, change your pillow case often and keep your hands off your face. Wipe your cell phone with an antibacterial wipe now and then (or better yet, use speaker phone). Keep anything with bacteria away from your face.

Hope this helps. You do have to invest some money into skin care if you have bad skin. I know Ive used everything under the sun and spent thousands on acne care at the dermatologist- but this seems to work for me...


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